Billing & Commission Tab


Billing & Commission tab stores the following:

1. Payments made and to be made by the client or borrower, like application, appraisal, mortgage payment, late fees, etc...
2. Payables or Commission to be paid to 3rd parties like brokers, investors, inspectors, etc..
3. Stores the"payor" info, which in many cases will always be the borrower.
4. Stores the banking or credit card info that will be used for billing purposes or auto-populate document templates using the doc wizard tool.

Tip 1: Go to the company profile--> Billing Fees to enable various types of billing fees.�

Tip 2: In order to add a contact to the payables section, you must first add the contact to the loan file. Go to the contacts tab of the loan file to do that first. Click the green Plus icon to add a contact