Borrower Login

Efficiently manage client autonomy in LendingWise with the Borrower Login and Stop Login features. Learn to enable, disable, and direct borrowers to their specific login portals if you would like them to login.

LendingWise software allows you to harness the power of client autonomy through the Borrower Login Feature. This functionality lets you provide your existing clients or borrowers that already have a profile in your system with personalized login information so they can start or complete loan applications on their own time with ease.

Here's How to do it:

  1. Navigate to the Email Composer within the LendingWise software.
  2. Select the "Borrower - Login Portal" from the drop-down menu under Templates.

The generated link will direct your borrowers to the login portal. For users utilizing the white label feature, rest assured as the link will direct your clients to your specific login screen.

Taking Control with "Stop Login" Feature

There may come a time when you would need to prevent a borrower from logging into LendingWise. The platform grants you this access control through the "Stop Login" feature.

Here's how you can disable or enable a borrower's login:

  1. Go to Users/Contacts and select Borrowers.
  2. Locate the Actions column, and look for the checkmark. Toggling this checkmark allots or restricts login access for the particular borrower.

Accessing Borrower Login Page

Borrowers can access their portal through the Login Page Link: Borrower Login Page

Keep in mind: Clients using our White Label Add-On should use the appropriate URL link. You can locate your specific URL in Settings -> Platform Settings -> Web Forms/Logins.

The login page incorporates helpful features such as the "Remember me" for easier future logins and "Forget Password ?" for instances when borrowers can't recall their password.

We strive towards creating a sophisticated, yet intuitive software ecosystem that upholds clients' independence, ensuring easy to navigate and user-friendly experience. LendingWise is committed to empowering your borrowers and easing your workload, all in one integrated platform.

If you have any questions of need further guidance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team at