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Platform Settings -> Web Forms/Logins

This page has url links for all the user logins. Links can be sent directly to the appropriate audience

If you want to embed the logins and/or white label the URLs under you must have an activated white label plan. Contact to get that add- on set up setup!

Branch Registration- This URL can be used as an application for a new branch to register. Set a welcome email that includes their webform links, logins, getting started information, etc... You will need to visit the email wizard template area, review/copy over the New Branch Welcome E-mail... then it will display in the drop-down for use.

Quick & Full Loan Application and Broker Registration Webforms

The webforms for the quick & full loan application are located under each branch profile. Once inside the branch profile, you will have a ew tabs that provide options that affect how your quick & full loan application webform works. For example:

Branch Info Tab--> Branch Configuration Section:

  • New Lead/Deal Handling- Enter multiple email addresses that you want to be notified of any new deals created or submitted via the quick/full app.
  • Enable Captcha- This will force users on the quick/full app webform to verify they are human and not a spam bot.
  • Loan Programs- Each branch can have its own loan programs enabled

Webform Integration Tab- Quick & Full Loan App Sections

  • You will find the HTML embed code for the various types of web forms like single page vs multi-step forms.
  • Welcome email- Auto-send an email template to the borrower & broker/loan officer
  • Thank you page- Use our built-in customizable thank you page or redirect users to your own thank you page URL.
  • Default Loan File Status- After a quick or full app is submitted, set the status for the loan file
  • Terms & Conditions- The webworm displays a terms & conditions box, that you can ediot and include any type of disclosure language
  • Google Tracking/CSS code- You can insert tracking code or alter the forms CSS styles here, which changes the color of the webform styles or removes logo, etc...