Contacts Manager Tool

A loan file can have many 3rd party contacts like attorney, title, appraiser, insurance, realtor, inspector, etc...

Once added inside a loan, they will automatically be stored in the master contacts list and linked to their respective loan files. You can custom create any type of contact to a loan file within the contacts tab or you may add contacts to your system within the contact manager.

You will be able to pull these contacts into any loan in the future & you can send marketing email to them as well. 



By assigning contacts, you make it easy to communicate with outside parties when making notes or sending emails within the loan. 

TIP: You can see how many files a contact is linked to from the contact list.



Make sure to have this permission enabled to your users so they can also see the contact lists from their account.

To find this:

  1. Go to Users/Contacts
  2. Select Back Officer, then click the users you want to see your contact list.
  3. Click the "Editing and Visibility Permissions", then find and enable the "Allow to view contact list".
  4. Then Save.