Contacts Tab

A loan file has Contacts of various roles. Some key roles are tied inside the loan file, like Appraiser, Realtor, Attorney, Escrow, Lender, Insurance Rep, Investor, General Contractor, Servicer, and trustee. All other contact roles are considered a general contact & you can create a custom role as well. Under the Contacts tab, you can add as many contacts as you would like, just be careful not to override the default contact entered within the designated area/tab for those key roles.

The following contacts inside the loan file, have default locations within the property info tab, servicing tab, and budget tab:

  • Appraiser: 2
  • BPO Realtor: 3
  • Title Rep: 1
  • Escrow: 1
  • Attorney: 1
  • Lender: 1
  • Servicer: 1
  • Insurance rep: 1
  • General Contractor: 1
  • Trustee: 1

These are examples of other roles you can add to a loan, plus any custom role. 

  • Assignor
  • Auditor
  • Broker
  • Counselor
  • HOA
  • Inspector
  • Investor
  • Owner
  • Paralegal
  • Property manager
  • Prospect
  • Secondary Note Buyer