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Copy/Duplicate the Loan File or Create a New Loan File for Existing Borrower

This article provides a simplified step-by-step guide on duplicating a loan file in LendingWise, detailing options to copy loan files with or without attached documents.

Handling loan files effectively is crucial for maintaining an organized and efficient lending process. LendingWise offers multiple options for creating or duplicating loan files for existing borrowers, ensuring that all necessary documents and data are seamlessly transitioned. This article will walk through these methods to help users manage borrower files with ease.

Duplicating Existing Loan Files:

  1. Accessing the Loan File:

    • Navigate to 'pipeline' then 'pipeline main' and choose a specific loan file you wish to duplicate.
  2. Copying the Loan File:

    • Click on the 'quick view folder' and select the 'Click to copy this file' button.
      Quick View Folder
    • Decide whether to include all previously uploaded required documents or to copy without them.
      With or Without Docs
    • Confirm your choice and the system will create a copy, tagging it with the borrower’s name followed by ‘copy’.
  1. Editing the Copied File:

    • Enter the duplicated file to modify or delete old documents and update details relative to the new loan.

Creating a New Loan File from Borrower’s Contact:

  1. Navigating to Borrower List:

    • Go to the 'borrower's list' and find the intended borrower, scrolling to the 'create a new client file' option.
  2. Importing Borrower Information:

    • Once selected, you will be prompted to import basic information from the existing borrower profile.

Alternative Method Using Quick App:

  1. Filling a New Application:

    • Access the Quick App (either in your back office for staff or the public interface for borrowers).
    • Upon entry of a recognized email, the system will prompt whether to import the basic info of the recognized borrower.
  2. Secure Confirmation:

    • If the borrower says yes, the borrower receives a one-time passcode via email to confirm the import of their information into the new loan application.

LendingWise offers robust and flexible methods for managing loan files for existing borrowers. Whether duplicating detailed files or creating streamlined new entries from minimal data, the platform caters to diverse operational needs. This article aims to simplify these processes, ensuring users can adapt quickly and focus on providing top-tier lending services.

For a visual guide, refer to our tutorial video above, or the step-by-step walkthrough guide below. For any additional assistance, feel free to contact the LendingWise support team at helpdesk@lendingwise.com