Custom required documents on a loan file

Creating custom required documents on a loan file

You can create custom required documents per each loan application.

If a file is different from your traditional required documents, you can add a custom required doc on a loan application by the "+" found on the "Docs" tab in an application.

See image:

TIP 1:

A processor or underwriter can always ADD or REMOVE a Required Doc inside a loan file, before or after the borrower or broker sees the Required Docs for their loan file, so you don't have to put EVERY required doc you can think of here, just the most commonly used ones .


TIP 2:

You can upload or link to a reference file that supports the required doc. That way when users, like a borrower, see the required doc they can also click the icon that opens the referenced file. For example, maybe you want the borrower to download your rehab budget template or disclosure form to fill out, sign & upload.