How do I Customize Email Templates? Email Wizard Tool.

Learn how to make email templates and send emails from our system. Email Wizard Tool.

The Lendingwise system comes pre-configured with numerous standard email templates. We add new templates periodically, that you will be able to use out of the box or personalize. The email templates allow you to insert many mail merge fields/tags that auto-populate based on the data in the loan file, assigned user, your company info, etc… This is most useful to send out E-mails to any party involved in the file, either manually on the fly, email campaign or using automated workflow rules.

Best Practices: 

  • Borrower e-mails: Product Highlights, promotions, welcome emails, status updates, missing docs, closing instructions, payment reminders, pay-off summary, insurance expiration, property taxes due notice, etc… 
  • Employee Emails: New file assigned,  docs uploaded, closing details, specific tasks/reminders
  • 3rd Party Providers: Order forms for appraisal, draw request/inspection, order title, order bpo

Settings-->Platform settings --> E-mail Wizard Tool