Data Management, Security & Privacy

Our data management & privacy aligns with all SOC 2 standards.

We take data management & privacy seriously by aligning with all SOC 2 standards. We know that our platform holds sensitive, proprietary data that belongs to you & your borrowers. Please review our privacy policystandard terms & conditions.

Disaster Recovery -

We have daily server snapshots for all servers so in the event of failure we can spin up a snapshot in our AWS network in minutes, reassign the original failed server IP and it assumes the role of the failed machine right away. Database snapshots are taken 2 times a day every day(8am EST and 9PM EST), data loss should be minimal should that ever occur and need to be invoked. Uploaded file storage is backed up for long-term storage.


Please note we do 


Full SOC 2 compliance & policy reports are available per customer request.