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DIY Website Template Set-Up

This article provides a concise guide on implementing DNS settings for your domain name alongside a helpful video tutorial to assist you in setting up your DIY website template.

Designing your own LendingWise website? Let's walk you through setting up your Domain Name System (DNS) settings with your domain name registrar, a crucial component of your website's functionality. Included is also a video tutorial on setting up your DIY Website Template.

Here's how you can implement your DNS settings to your domain name:

CNAME Setting:
Host: www
Points to: s.multiscreensite.com

A Record Settings:

First A Record:
Host/Alias: @

Second A Record:
Host/Alias: @

With these settings in place, your domain name can effectively connect with your LendingWise Website IP address and content hosted on the server.

Don't miss out on the linked video tutorial below—it's geared to guide you on structuring your DIY website template.


Should you encounter any questions or need further clarification, please don't hesitate to reach out to our helpdesk at helpdesk@lendingwise.com. We're here to ensure your journey in setting up your website is as seamless as possible.