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How to track Email Delivery and Status

How to track emails and delivery status from LendingWise.

You can view ALL email deliveries within the LendingWise platform through the mail queue. It allows you to see the following details of the email sent:

  • Create Time
  • Sent Time
  • Sender/Sender email
  • Recipient / Recipient Email
  • Borrower
  • Subject
  • Body
  • Status

To find this:

1. Go to Reports tab, located in the left side of the screen under Users/Contacts.

2. Choose Mail Queue - File Related


Email Labels:




Email is in the queue to be sent in our servers


Email was sent successfully


Will show you if anyone opened or clicked on the email


You can hover the info icon and will let you know the reason.

  • It could be that the email is wrong or similar. 
  • The email account that you tried to reach does not exist. Please try double-checking the recipient's email address for typos or unnecessary spaces.
  • It could mean that the email was unsubscribed previously.


It will give you a reason, it can be email is not valid, client unsubscribed or recipient blocked LendingWise.

Unsubscribed/Bounce List

Please click here for more information.


Reminder: The Manager role (admin rights) has access to the "Mail Queue" where they see ALL emails.

If you have any questions, you can email helpdesk@lendingwise.com.