Entering & exporting HMDA information

Lendingwise supports entering HMDA info on the loan apps & within the back office, as well as exporting to CSV

The Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) is required to be collected by all mortgage lenders for residential properties. Consult your attorney to clarify if your business purposes loans to entities require you to collect HMDA info.

All quick or full app webforms can display the fields for HMDA reporting. You will want to ensure the form field settings are enabled for teh quick or full app and for the various loan programs as well. 

Exporting HMDA for reportting

From the pipeline you can sort your loan files by status, loan type, etc... and then export the data into CSV format. You will need to choose what data fields you will want in your export. 

See this video for more info on sorting data in the pipeline & exporting: