What is the White Label Add-On Feature

WhiteLabel changes the platform to look like you are running Lendingwise from your own Domain

You are able to run your entire platform, login portals & webform loan application on your own subdomain

Details about this Add-on:

  •  Your entire domain can be set as "app.YOURDOMAIN.com"
  • We provide an SSL Certificate so you don't have to!
  • Any emails that are being sent from LendingWise, will be sent from the user's email address
  • Webform Fueled By: LendingWise" will be removed from your web form applications.

  • The background image from the login page can be changed to a background image provided by the client.

For example:

Without White-Label add-on

With White-Label add-on (Sample background image)


How do I set this up:

Contact the Help Desk @ helpdesk@lendingwise.com

You will need to create the subdomain on your end and create an 'A' record that points to our IP:

NOTE: We will need to do several server-level configurations to make this work, so let us know when your subdomain is created. Make sure to set up the proper DNS authentication settings we will provide to you for the sending domain.

.If you have any questions or would like to know the pricing, please reach out to helpdesk@lendingwise.com