How To Send E-Sign Docs To Borrowers.

How to send an e-sign doc version of the Term Sheet to a borrower. This process is similar to all e-sign docs. Also, the borrower view when they sign the document. How to review the document once it has been signed.


In this example, we’re going to send the Loan Term Sheet to the borrower,  how they can e-sign it, and then we will show you how to review it. A Step by step walkthrough is provided above.

Open the loan file for the document you want e-signed. Click the "Compose Email" icon. Once the Compose Email pop-up window appears, scroll down and click "Auto Generated Documents" to show the options available in that section.

Open the folder containing the document you would like to have E-signed by the borrower. In this case, we are looking for the "Loan Term Sheet" which is located in the "Borrower" folder.

Find the document and select the checkmark next to the document version with the blue PDF icon. The blue represents the document that has e-sign capability. Once you tick the check box, the body of the email will populate with the message and link for that document.

You can customize the message you want to send the borrower in the body of the email.

Select the borrower from the drop-down options. You can choose to CC the broker, for example, and he'll know that we're working on his loan and he's ready to sign the term sheet.

If everything looks good, click on the "Send" button to send the email. This will send the email to the borrower so they can E-sign the document.

When the borrower receives the email they will see the link that says “Click here to sign the loan term sheet”. It gives the borrower instructions They'll be asked to enter a 4-character password. It's the last four numbers of their social. If they haven't given a social, then it defaults to 0000 zero as their password. 

When they click on that link. It opens up the term sheet. And everything is ready to be reviewed. And it will say they can draw their signature in one location, but if they don’t like drawing their signature, they can click to type their signature and then click “Apply”.

It will add their signature and it records their IP address along with a date/time stamp. This document is secured and has a transaction number associated with it, so you can actually look up the whole audit trail of who sent it, when it was opened, when it was signed, etc.

They will get a Thank You screen when they click “Finish Signing” then they can click on the link that says “Click here to view the e-sign term sheet” so they can view the signed document and save it for their records as a borrower. 

Once the borrower signs the document, you should receive an email notification. Now you can go into the loan file, and into the Docs tab. Scroll down to the E-Signed documents And you can see the loan term sheet that was just signed. You can click on it and see that it is a locked document that has been e-signed.

Just a quick tip, you can send multiple e-signed documents in one email message so you don't have to do it one at a time. You can actually do multiple items.