Mandatory Fields

This article walks users through setting up mandatory fields in application forms on LendingWise, ensuring that clients provide all crucial information during the application process.

LendingWise allows you to set mandatory fields in the application form, which the borrower or client must fill out before they can submit their application. This feature allows you to ensure all the crucial information needed for a loan application is collected.

Here's how you can set up mandatory form fields:

  1. Accessing Platform Settings: Start by navigating to 'Settings' in your main menu, followed by clicking on 'Platform Settings.'

  2. Navigating to Form Fields: Within the 'Platform Settings,' locate and click on 'Form Fields.' This is where you can view and manage form fields for both the borrower and the lender.

  3. Setting Mandatory Fields: In the 'Form Fields' section, you can select which fields you want to make mandatory for borrowers/clients to fill out before they can submit a loan application.

Please note that only managers within your company have the permissions to modify these settings, so if you're not finding the required access, reach out to a manager for assistance.


Web form loan application:

Following these steps, you can shape your clients' application process based on your operational needs, making sure all essential information is captured right from the get-go. For any additional queries or assistance, feel free to contact the LendingWise support team at