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Looking for a logo for your business? Get one for free!

This article details how LendingWise users can acquire a free business logo and offers instructions on how to request and receive customizable logo files to enhance their brand image.

At LendingWise, we believe in providing comprehensive support to our users, including enriching their business branding. We offer all our clients free business logos to help strengthen their brand identity, if needed.

Here's how you can get your new logo:

  1. Choose Your Design: Look through the varied selection of logo designs we offer in the reference image below.

  2. Make Your Selection: Once you've selected the logo design that suits your brand's visual style, note down its specific reference number.

  3. Send Your Request: Email your chosen logo's reference number to our support team at helpdesk@lendingwise.com.

Once your request is processed, we will send you a Photoshop source file (.psd), enabling you to further customize the logo according to your business requirements.

Boost your brand's visual identity with our unique logo designs. If you have any queries or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team. LendingWise is here to help your business shine.