You can share a file with your investors, lenders, and any other parties, which they can submit an offer for your deal! You should see an "Offers" tab along with the images provided below:

Here, you need to set up the details of the loan application and the contact for the deal. By clicking on "Edit Details":

There's two ways to create an offer, you can create the offer manually and send it to the party needed or you can provide the links found in the "Share this file" button. You will find a column stating "Link with Offer Submission", this will provide an extra tab called "Submit offer", here your party will be able to submit an offer to you.�

You will be notified via an email once it is submitted, in the Offers tab, you will also see all the offers that have been submitted to you in regards to your deal. It should look something like this!

(If you do not see this feature, a manager in your company needs to provide you access in your permissions)