Origination of a loan overview!

This article provides an in-depth walkthrough of the platform's features, from creating loans and managing custom loan products to tracking loan applications and collecting and generating essential documents.


This article provides a comprehensive overview of the Loan Origination Software provided by LendingWise. The software assists users with managing various aspects such as creating loans, collecting essential documentation, and streamlining the origination life cycle. With this software, users can efficiently move through the processing, underwriting, and closing stages while maintaining and tracking records.

Step-by-Step Loan Origination with LendingWise:

1. Creating a Loan: Utilize LendingWise's Quick App and Full App forms that can be embedded on your website. Users with backend access can create loans using the Quick App or Full App feature. Additionally, third-party integrations like Salesforce or Hubspot can be used for data posting.

2. Custom Loan Products: With LendingWise, you can enable, disable or create custom loan products. The system displays relevant questions based on the selected product, allowing for a dynamic and smart loan intake process.

3. Loan processing: When a borrower fills out a loan application, it becomes accessible in the system. The loan terms can be adjusted, and a pre-defined term sheet can be sent to the borrower for e-signing.

4. Full App completion: Borrowers must complete the Full App which includes details such as real estate schedules, net worth summaries, and personal financial accounts. The application status can be checked and updated by the borrower.

5. Document Collection: Based on the loan type, LendingWise will automatically determine which required documents are needed, streamlining the document collection process. Custom tooltips can be added to assist borrowers in providing the necessary documentation. The document collection process can be automated so your valuable time can be spent elsewhere.

6. Loan Workflow: LendingWise's built-in workflow steps enable management and tracking of each loan stage. Users can create additional workflow steps for unique loan situations and view progress directly from the dashboard.

7. Document Generation: Generate prepopulated loan documents, closing instructions, mortgage statements, and more with just one click for a seamless closing process.

LendingWise's Loan Origination Software offers a user-friendly experience that streamlines the loan origination process, making it simple for both borrowers and lending professionals. From creating loans and managing documents to efficiently closing deals, LendingWise has you covered.