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Quick On-Boarding Overview and Resources

Review the onboarding process for LendingWise

At LendingWise we strive to make our platform easy to set up & use. Since the private lending & commercial lending industry is not standardized, every user can set up their platform in unique ways.

We offer many configurable options to provide ultimate flexibility within the platform, which is why we deliver the best onboarding & implementation services possible.

The process usually entails 5-10 recorded sessions covering your specific features, modules & situational walk-throughs to get you up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.


  • Official User Manual/Guide: This User Guide will cover how to set up all the features & modules of LendingWise.
  • Self-Guided Product Tour: This guide walks through the core features of the platform like CRM, LOS, Marketplace, Pricing Engine & Loan Servicing
  • Self-Guided Onboarding Tour: This interactive live self-guided tour walks through all the features & settings to help you fully implement the platform. 
  • Master Onboarding Check List Template: This template helps to explain the main platform settings, user types & configurable features with our system's default values. After completing it, and circulating it within your team, our implementation team will work with you to update and customize your platform accordingly. (Implementation plans very, see our Pricing and Programs for Details or speak with our team to discuss what's best)
Here is an example of a typical implementation timeline: