Setup Your Loan Programs/Services

Learn how to create/add a new loan program and how to set up an internal loan program.


Under Settings--> Platform Settings --> Company Info --> Loan program section.
Loan programs/services are linked to several other features in the system, like required docs, work flows, quick & full app web form fields, & custom loan guidelines, so this should be your first step. You can choose from the default list of loan programs and also create your own. You must also activate the loan programs on the branch profile as well.


Please note, loan programs tend to overlap on the Transaction Type (aka loan purpose) field which has the following options: We do recommend using Purchase Only, Cash Refi as loan program options, since the transaction type handles that. 

Tip 1: The custom loan guidelines section will allow you to control what parameters display in the webform based on transaction types, loan program, property type, Property States, loan terms, credit score range, and more. We will learn more about Custom Loan Guidelines later.

TIP 2: Internal Loan programs can be used to manage & store your back end capital sources & investors aka investor overlays. You can mark certain loan programs as Internal only, which only displays for back-office employees. You may also set unique fields, workflow steps & required docs for internal loan programs.