DIY Website, and FAQs

Create your Business Website with LendingWise using our ready-made custom templates. Manage and grow your business and be seen by adding your domain.

Website template allows you to activate and publish a turnkey lending website template. It comes with an easy to use DIY editor to make any changes. We help you integrate the loan submission form (quick & full app) and user login portals. 

We can recommend affordable freelancers to make any design changes needed. 
There will be a $495 one-time activation fee. For "Starter" plan, a monthly hosting fee of $29 will be added to your account.

You can choose your preferred website template in our website gallery, please contact for assistance.



Will LendingWise host our website?

A: Yes, we will host your website. For "Starter" plan, a monthly hosting fee of $29 will be added to your account.


Will LendingWise help set-up the CNAMEs and connect the Website Template to my domain address?

A: Yes, we can help point the website template to your domain settings. We will need your credentials or delegated access to your domain/DNS settings. Instructions will also be provided as you create the website. We are here to help!

You may also visit KB article: DIY Website Template Set-Up for more details.


Will you edit my website template 

A: No, we do not offer website design or similar tasks.

We only provide the DIY (Do It Yourself) Website Template. We recommend hiring a Web Designer if you have changes you want to make if you are not comfortable making them.


What email inbox provider should I use?

A: There are no specific recommendations so please research a Domain Registrar(GoDaddy, Bluehost, etc.) and Email Inbox service provider that will best fit your needs.


If I no longer use LendingWise, will I keep the website template? or be able to transfer the template?

A: No, once you are not a LendingWise client, the website template stays with LendingWise and it is deactivated.


I need another DIY website Template. Can you provide one?

A: Yes, apart from the one we provide (depending on your account and contract) and also provide the hosting fee. Any additional DIY Website template is $495 of a one-time payment, and additional $29 per month for the hosting fee.