Integrated 3rd Party Services: Credit, AVM, CCR

LendingWise makes it easy to work with your 3rd party services like CRAs, business credit, Flood Cert, and more. Here we cover the process of choosing a CRA, configuring 3rd party service settings, setting up user permissions, & ordering services.

LendingWise is a powerful lending platform designed to make working with 3rd party services from Credit Reporting Agencies (CRAs) such as running credit, Flood Cert, and more, as seamless as possible. This article will guide you through the process of integrating these services with your LendingWise account.


Step 1: Choose Your CRA and Enable Service Integrations


LendingWise works with over 20 integrated CRAs via the MeridianLink, Inc. system, including well-known names like Advantage Credit Bureau, American Reporting Company, and Credit Information Systems (a full list of supported CRAs can be found at the end of this article). Before ordering any services, ensure that your chosen CRA provider has enabled integration with LendingWise in their system and is part of the MeridianLink network. You will also need to obtain login credentials from your CRA provider.


Step 2: Configure 3rd Party Services and enter Login Credentials


LendingWise allows you to add one CRA to your account. To do so, submit a ticket through the link provided: Submit a Ticket


Once your chosen CRA is added to your account, enter the login credentials provided by your CRA vendor in the 3rd Party Services settings. Go to Settings > Platform Settings > Company Info > Click on the drop-down section for "3rd Party Services." Type in the username and password provided by your chosen CRA in the appropriate fields, then click the blue "Save" button toward the bottom of the screen. If necessary, you can also add credentials for your loan officers, brokers, and branches in their respective personal settings.


Step 3: Enable 3rd Party Service Access for Branches and Users

Now open up your branch settings and scroll down to the permissions at the bottom. Toggle "Allow to access 3rd Party Services Tab" to the "On" position, and then click the blue "Save" button.



Next, open up the user profile for each user who needs access to the 3rd party services. Scroll down to the permissions section and toggle "Allow to access 3rd Party Services Tab" to the "On" position. Be sure to do this for all users who will be running a credit check or need access to the 3rd party services.



Step 4: Ordering Services through LendingWise


With the integration configured and the proper permissions set, you can now run credit checks and order additional services from inside the loan file. Simply navigate to the 3rd Party Services tab within the loan file to access and utilize these integrated services.

Please see the following step-by-step walkthrough to order 3rd party services.


How to Order Credit Report


How to Order Business Credit


Important Notes:


- LendingWise supports integration with some CRA services that have been acquired by Xactus, including CIS Credit, Credit Plus, DataFacts Lending, and Universal Credit. However, LendingWise is not directly integrated with Xactus Credit Services. If you have logins from CIS Credit, for example, these will work, but logins from Xactus directly will not.


- There is a hierarchy of credentials in LendingWise based on the user level. If a branch, broker, or loan officer has their own set of credentials and should not be using the company's credentials, these should be added to their personal profile user settings.


Supported CRA List (via MeridianLink):


  1. Advantage Credit Bureau (powered by MeridianLink)
  2. Advantage Credit, Inc. of Colorado
  3. Advantage Plus Credit Reporting, Inc.
  4. American Reporting Company, LLC
  5. Birchwood Credit Services, Inc.
  6. Certified Credit Reporting, Inc.
  7. CIC Mortgage Credit, Inc.
  8. CIS Credit by Xactus
  9. Cisco Credit
  10. Credit Information Systems ML
  11. Credit Link, LLC
  12. Credit Plus by Xactus
  13. Credit Technologies, Inc.
  14. Credit Technology, Inc.
  15. DataFacts Lending by Xactus
  16. Information Searching Company
  17. KCB Credit LLC
  18. Lenders One
  19. MCB
  20. MeridianLink, Inc.
  21. Premium Credit Bureau
  22. Premium Credit Bureau Data
  23. SARMA
  24. Service First Information Solutions
  25. SettlementOne Data, LLC
  26. United One
  27. Universal Credit by Xactus