Generating the app: Sending a link to the full app for the borrower or broker to complete

Generating the application: Send a quick or full app to the borrower or broker

After a quick app is completed either from the web form or inside the system as a logged-in user, you may send the borrower or broker a link to complete the full application.

Everything entered on the loan file, including the quick app fields, will populate on the full app.

Every loan file will have a link available to the full app inside the Compose email pop-up window.

    • One for the borrower & broker separately.
    • You may also use the email template called "Link to Full App

TIP: You can create your own email template or copy/paste the merge tags below inside any email message ##Link To Full App - Borrower## or ##Link To Full App - Broker## 

see setting up an Email Template for how to use