CRM Features

This article provides a detailed guide on how to leverage the LendingWise platform, a comprehensive solution loaded with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features, for enhanced business operations.

LendingWise is a comprehensive platform equipped with an array of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features designed to boost productivity among your users. This guide will provide an overview of key functionalities that can help streamline your business operations.

Bulk Email Marketing

LendingWise offers a built-in email marketing tool that allows you to send mass emails to borrowers directly from various lists such as the main pipeline, or the borrower list. This feature facilitates easy and efficient communication with your clients. See: Mass Email Marketing with Send Email Campaign Feature - Borrower(s)

Automated Drip Emails, Tasks, and Webhooks

Automation is key in today's fast-paced business environment. LendingWise supports automated email sequences for sales, processing, or servicing purposes. Additionally, the platform can automatically create tasks or trigger webhooks based on specific events, saving you time and enhancing productivity. See: Creating Tasks and API Integration for Inbound Data Transfer to Post New Leads into LendingWise

Email Composition and Tracking

The LendingWise platform enables you to easily communicate with all parties involved in a loan, including borrowers, co-borrowers, title agents, appraisers, inspectors, attorneys, and more. All emails can be tracked and stored in the loan file, ensuring effective communication management. See: How to track Email Delivery and Status

Email Syncing

With the upcoming feature of email syncing, all users' SMTP settings can be synchronized, ensuring that all emails are tracked inside every loan. This will provide more transparency regarding who said what and when (Coming Soon).

Calendar and Task Management

LendingWise's calendar view displays all pending tasks and critical due dates such as follow-up dates, task due dates, maturity dates, insurance/taxes expiration dates, etc. Users can also sort tasks by due date or priority status using the task list. Managers have the added benefit of viewing tasks across their team as required.

Click-to-Call Feature

LendingWise supports integration with popular dialer browser extensions like Ring Central, Aloware, or other VOIP services. This enables all phone numbers in the platform to become click-to-call enabled, facilitating swift communication.

SMS Messaging

Within a loan file, users can opt to send a note via SMS to the borrowers or co-borrowers, provided the recipients have a cell number and carrier listed. This functionality will soon be upgraded to eliminate the need for specifying a cell carrier. See: How to send SMS messages

Lead Capture via Quick App Webforms

The Quick App webform is a handy tool for capturing potential clients showing interest in your loan products. Upon submission, these leads can be seamlessly integrated into a nurture campaign. See: Customize Quick App & Full App form fields

Custom Sub Statuses (Tags)

LendingWise allows for custom sub-statuses or 'tags' to be assigned to loan files or borrowers. This enables easy sorting by these tags, facilitating targeted email communication or direct outreach. See: Sub-Statuses

Contact Management

As you create loans with various contacts like appraisers, title agents, attorneys, inspectors, investors, etc., the contact list will automatically grow, simplifying contact management. See: Contacts Manager Tool

Broker and Borrower Lists

The platform provides separate lists for viewing all your brokers and borrowers, making it easy to see how many loans they are associated with, send bulk emails, tag them for special marketing campaigns, and more. See: Mass Email Marketing with Send Email Campaign Feature - Borrower(s)

Branch and Broker Portal

Branch-level accounts and brokers can leverage all the CRM tools offered by LendingWise to expand their business. They also have the option to have a white-labeled version under their own brand (additional cost required). See:  and Loan Officers/Mortgage Broker Login Portal

Borrower Portal

The borrower portal is designed to allow borrowers to manage their respective loan files, upload documents, make notes, and more, providing a user-friendly and efficient experience.

In conclusion, the LendingWise platform provides a wide range of CRM features that can significantly enhance productivity and streamline your business operations. See: Borrower Login